Cap World, Meyer Snow Plow

All our customers know how tough our winters can be! Whether you are removing snow for professional or personal use, we have you covered with our stock of Meyer Snow Plows and Tailgate Spreaders! 

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Cap World, Meyers Drive Pro

Drive Pro

The Drive Pro Plow is the plow for light contractor snow removal jobs. The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional steel snow plow operated from the comfort of your everyday vehicle. Drive Pro mounts are available for today's most popular light-duty pickup trucks, half-ton pickups, Jeeps and other full-size SUVs. The Drive Pro is great for the jobs that larger trucks can’t get to, so take charge in tight situations like narrow driveways.



  • Drive Pro, Meyer Drive Pro, Cap World
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Meyers Drive Pro
Cap World,  Lot Pro Snow Plow

Lot Pro

For those who want to make a finished lot look like it does in July, the Lot Pro™ is a professional-grade plow for contractors who need to plow large parking lots and streets. The Lot Pro fits on 3/4-ton pickup trucks and larger.



Meyer 7’6” Lot Pro LD… Only $4,500… 5 Left at this price!

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  • Installation Available (add’l cost)
  • New Installation requires Truck Side Mount (add’l cost)
  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty
  • Engineered for ½ Ton Trucks w/ snow plow prep package
  • Full Trip design w/ 75 degree attack angle
  • 28” Tall  14 Gauge moldboard w/ skid shoes
  • 3/8” x 6 “ Cutting Edge
  • Heated LED lights
  • Heavy Duty 1.5” x 10” Rams
  • Engineered for ½ Ton Trucks w/ snow plow prep package
  • Truck side wire harness and hand held controller included
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Meyers Lot Pro
Meyers V-Plow


The Meyer Super-V and its second-generation counterpart, the Super-V2, offer aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. These contractor-grade plows have independently controlled wings for configuration flexibility and are the perfect fit for 3/4-ton and larger pickups.


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Meyers V-Plow
 Cap World, Meyers Home Plow

Home Plow

The HomePlow connects with Quick-Link™: an easy-to-use component that slides into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch.
It has a small hydraulic power unit for power-up/gravity-down operation. Integrated mounting wheels let you attach or remove the plow in less than a minute, leaving no visible hardware behind.

In-Stock Home Plow 2600 6'8" on Sale for $3,699. While Supplies Last!

Full hydraulic model up/down left/right

  • Mounts to Front receiver hitch Not Included (add’l cost) 
  • Installation Available Not Included (add’l cost) 


  • Meyer Home Plow
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Meyers Home Plow
WingMan Plow

WingMan Plow

This commercial-grade plow is perfect for business owners, looking to self-manage snow removal in parking lots, roads and alleyways.

In-Stock Wingman 6'8" Plow for Sale- $4,299

Full trip design for ½ ton and lighter trucks 

  • 14 Gauge steel ,22” high moldboard  
  • 6” x 3/8 Cutting Edge 
  • America’s Best 5 year Warranty 
  • Mold Board, Black Iron, Truck side Harness, And Handheld Controller Included! 
  • Mounts to Front receiver hitch Not Included (add’l cost) 
  • Installation Available Not Included (add’l cost) 
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 Cap World, Meyer Walk-Behinds

Walk Behind Spreaders

Meyer knows walk-behind spreader uses are diverse, that’s why we provide so many options. Whether you’re looking for a broadcast spreader for year-round use or a drop spreader to melt ice along narrow walkways, Meyer has a spreader for you.

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Walk Behinds
 Cap World, Meyer Tailgates

Tailgate Spreaders

Your vehicle can handle a lot. Why not have it help you control ice and snow? Add one of Meyer’s powerful tailgate spreaders to turn your truck, tractor, SUV or even your utility vehicle into an ice-melting machine. 


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 Cap World, Meyer Insert Hopper

Insert Hopper Spreaders

Transform your pickup truck, utility vehicle or ATV into a salt-spreading champion with one of Meyer’s insert hopper spreaders. Ideal for large-scale spreading jobs and perfect to pair with one of our commercial plows to create a truck that’s built for tackling snow.


  •  Cap World,  Meyers Cross Fire Sander
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Insert Hoppers
 Cap World,  Meyer Dump Truck Under-Tailgate Spreader

Dump Truck Spreaders

Turn your dump truck into a salt truck with a Meyer under-tailgate spreader, a replaceable tailgate spreader, or a cross conveyor. Meyer offers a range of dump truck-specific spreaders. You may also want to consider a Meyer Insert Hopper for your dump truck.

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Dump Trucks

Meyer Contractor Shovel

Whether clearing sidewalks, pathways, or digging out your vehicle after a major snowstorm, the American-made 26 Meyer Contractor shovel is built to provide the ultimate snow clearing performance you've come to expect from the Meyer brand. The contractor shovel features tough 26 poly blade with galvanized steel scraper, 44 steel shaft & ribbed D-handle.

  • Meyer Contractor Shovel
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